My Therapy Approach

Therapy is about you!

I am here to help you understand yourself, develop coping skills and strategies to help yourself. My job is best done when you do not need to see me anymore.

Extensively trained in CBT and EMDR my approach is nevertheless holistic in nature. In other words, I believe one’s emotional well-being can influence physical health and vice versa. I do not perceive the mind, body and environmental influences that affect well-being as separable from each other. When appropriate, I therefore also incorporate interventions from other therapy approaches I am trained in e.g. Somatic Psychotherapy, MBSR, DBT and Creative Therapies.

Psychotherapy, Curated to Provide You the Best Path Forward.

As an experienced psychotherapy professional, the goal is to help curate a safe environment that can
allow you to learn more about yourself and better define how you want to live your life.


Finding your true self is the first step to a full and rewarding life. Let me help you find you.

Growth & Fulfillment

Every day is a new challenge. Each meeting we will grow together and heal.


Do you feel like you have injuries that aren’t visible? Together, we can find these and begin the healing process.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is a therapeutic intervention developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro to address traumatic stress.  EMDR has been used to treat a wide range of troubling negative experiences, from extreme incidents like rape, combat experience, natural disasters and crime, to the loss of a loved one, having an angry parent or being the victim of bullying, teasing or emotional abuse.  Over time new protocols have been developed and EMDR has also shown to be effective with an array of other mental health issues e.g. depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, grief, psychosis and substance abuse.


Kirsten Burkart

Various Insurances are Accepted